At Kids Cove we strive to provide your children with only the best. In order for that to be possible we need and value your help and involvement! Please take a look at the list below to find the necessary requirements per child attending Kids Cove.

Pack an extra set of clothes!

It's a long day with lots of indoor and outdoor play and excitement. It is always helpful if your child has a spare set of clothes to change into should it be necessary. 

Label all your child's belongings!

At Kids Cove there are lots of other friends and it is helpful to us if you label everything you send to the school well so we can ensure everything back to you.

Pack an A5 booklet!


Pack a healthy snack for tea time!


At Kids Cove our teachers make use of an A5 booklet in which they can easily find your child's personal details and your contact details.

This book is also the tool through which they communicate with you and keep you up to date with the week's academic work that are being covered. 

The whole class partakes of a snack at mid- morning.

 Please ensure your child has something small and healthy (e.g.fruit and half a sandwich).  

The school provides breakfast and a balanced lunch. 

A sandwich is served at 3 o’clock for those at aftercare.


Pack a blanket and pillow!






This is the basic requirements. The teacher will supply a detailed list for each class.

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